Welcome back to our Campion Class of 1965 web page. We have begun planning for our 55th Class Reunion.

Your Reunion Committee would appreciate it if you would read all the information here, PLEASE REVIEW ALL THE TABS and answer the questions on the RSVP page, and update your profile, especially if you have new or changed phone numbers and emails. If you have moved to a warmer climate or if you now have a second address, add that too. Updating your profile is critical. Depending on prior web site usage, we may not keep this web site up after late November. If you have forgotten your password or wish to add a current photo and find the update a little challenging, let a Committee member know and we will provide you with the information to complete your update.

We all want to know who is coming. That page will be constantly updated upon entering your information on the RSVP page.

At this point we don't have the exact dates or the venue for the Reunion. The primary purpose of this introduction is to help establish your interest in attending our 55th Reunion, and develop a count of who plans to attend and who will not. You can assume at this point that we will hold the Reunion in the Chicagoland area, sometime between September 11th, 2020 and October 18th, 2020. Lots of snowbirds in our class head South for the winter and we are aware of that. 

As far as the venue itself, we are currently discussing several options. 

Briefly review the In Memoriam tab to see if we have missed anybody that we may have to add to the list.

Be sure to fill out the RSVP section and let us know how many people plan to attend our 55th Reunion

This website will be the de facto source for all true and relavant information regarding our 55th Reunion. Further questions and clarification can always be addressed by any Committee member. That information is on the Committee Contacts tab. Do yourself a favor, if you have a clarifying question, make sure you have the facts. Rumors are counterproductive.

Reunion Quiz
Where would you like our 60th Reunion to be held?

Someplace warm
On a cruise ship
In Minneapolis in the dead of winter
Reunion Poll
What Jesuit would you like to see at our Reunion

Fr O'Leary
Fr Dutkiewicz
Fr Lucey
Fr Schloemer
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