With all that is happening in the world we have decided to cancel our
55th class reunion that was tentatively scheduled for this Sept-Oct.  What we are
hoping to do is reschedule the reunion for 2021, if things have calmed down
or else perhaps 2022 when we could celebrate the 75th bdays for all of us
born in 1947.  Tentative dates for 2021 are 9-24-to 9-26-2021 or 10-1 to
10-3-2021.  The venue we have chosen can accommodate us those weekends and
hopefully, this way people can plan travel or other activities on different
dates and be able to attend the reunion.  If you have questions please
contact Chuck at his phone or email.

Stay safe.  Looking forward to seeing many of you in 2021.

Chuck Corbett
John Hoag
Jack Dudek
Joe Bigane
Tom Clancy
John Kowalczyk

Chuck Corbett